Soul: Currently Being Destroyed

This week I’ve decided that revision is the best thing everI could go on forever about how much I love spending hours in front of my desk, reading through boring powerpoint after boring powerpoint, leafing through my notes and my textbooks, desperately trying to cram as much information as possible into my head. I could write an epic poem about the joy that it brings me.

Let’s not forget the wonderful feeling I get praying to anyone and anything that I might remember enough to just scrape through my exams, isn’t that the best? I just wish I could do this all year long instead of these few weeks once a year; what I wouldn’t give to have this crushing feeling on my brain (and heart) all day, every day.

And where would I be without those fantastic tears? You know the ones, where you get to that point where it feels clear that this is the end and you won’t pass, you’ll definitely fail everything and have to drop out of uni (or college or school if we choose to go back in time, oh the joy) and go home to disappointed parents and have no future, oh no now you’ll never stop crying, such a great feeling! Ha!

This post was brought to you from somewhere deep inside my soul, a tiny place, the only place that isn’t destroyed through stress and quite possibly a place that won’t be around for much longer. We’ll see in about 4-5 days. 


Fast food

Living in student halls this year my flat is home to some “typical” gross, unclean students. Not all of them, but it still leaves the kitchen disgusting enough that thought of staying in there longer than the time it takes to heat up a ready meal is pretty off-putting. Add to this that I am not good at cooking and you’ve not quite got a recipe for culinary joy! So this is my thank you to all the easy to make food that may not be good for me but it helps me keep my kitchen time to a minimum.

My top ten quick foods 

10. Pesto pasta salad – available at any supermarket that knows what it’s doing and already made. Just add a fork. Or a spoon, whatever you’re into

9. Sandwich – a classic. Probably one I’d eat a lot more of if people would stop eating my bread

8. Filled pasta – literally takes less than 5 minutes to cook, how could this be anything but good?

7. Burrito/enchilada – my local shop (and by local I mean right on my doorstep, uh so convenient!) does burritos and enchiladas that you can cook in ~20 minutes and they are not terrible

6. Spaghetti on toast – this was originally my hangover staple, my mum put me onto it when I was feeling particularly rough one day, and now it’s managed to worm it’s way into my regular diet, and I am not complaining

5. Mac and cheese – the ready meal versions, unfortunately. I prefer one that’s properly made but this is just too easy.

4. Anything + chips (and peas if I’m feeling good) – chips: easy, peas: easy and healthy, plus it usually goes with chicken so that’s another good point. God bless chicken

3. Chicken slice – zero effort required here: go outside, go into shop (hot food section), pick up my already heated chicken slice, pay, enjoy the deliciousness

2. Pasta – oh pasta where would I be without you? So simple, so quick, and I can add what I like

1. Pizza – of course pizza was going to be number one, literally just stick it in the oven and we’re good to go, and so. many. variations. I love you, pizza.

Aware that I sound very unhealthy here but you should all know that I snack on fruit too so I’ve got that going for me. And I’m moving home for the summer in 3 weeks so I’ll be back on top in the food department!

A Tale Of Why Two Cities

If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be? Answer: I wouldn’t.

I’m sort of already doing this in that I spend half my time at uni and half my time back at home during the holidays. But once I finish uni I want to spend the majority of my time wherever I choose to live and work and then spend any holiday time etc going to all different places. But I wouldn’t want it split 50/50. Especially if you choose two different countries, what a massive pain having to spend say half the year there, and then having to pack everything up and leave everyone behind for another half a year somewhere else. For the rest of your life? No, thanks.

However, although I don’t want to live like this forever, I think going to uni in a different city, or just living in a different city for a while, is a really good idea. Why limit yourself to one place for your whole life!

  • As you don’t see them as often, you get to really appreciate the people in your life, at both ends
  • You get to live in two cities, which can be a great experience. I go to uni in London which is so different to my hometown!
  • Living away from home prepares you for “real life”. This is more for if you go to uni; living in student halls can be a nice stepping stone from living at home to living…not at home
  • You can tell exciting, extravagant stories about your city to people who have never been. And they’ll probably never know if you’re lying or not
  • I can only speak for myself, but whenever I go home my parents are so pleased to see me that I get all the great home comforts like my favourite meals!

It’s pretty likely I’ll move home, at least for a little while, after I finish my degree but I think moving to a different city for the three years will have been one of the best decisions I’ve made.