Would You Take Orders From A Robot?

I recently finished watching a TV series called Humans, which intrigued me, and has stayed in my mind. I found it so interesting! I mean, for starters, anything to do with robots, especially them becoming aware and thinking for themselves, fascinates me (I, Robot anyone?). I think it’s definitely something to think about, the idea that our technology could one day evolve so much that something we’ve created (to make our lives easier, no less) might surpass us in such a way that we become inferior to it.

I’m a big believer in it. I do think that one day humans will be outsmarted by their own creations. Purely because we think we’re smarter than we are. I am in no way an expert on the subject, but I’ve read a few articles about the development of robotics which say we’re not lightyears away from the type of synthetic person such as those seen in Humans. I’m sure I’ve even seen an article recently about a robot that passed a basic consciousness test, so it is coming! Although currently there is a large market for these being used as “sex robots”, so maybe we aren’t as evolved as we like to believe after all.

It’s hard to say whether the robots will go for world domination or not. Isn’t that a slight exaggeration, you say? Imagine if you woke up one day and realised you were smarter and stronger than the people that currently ruled the earth. You can’t say your mind wouldn’t slide a little bit towards taking over the world. Thinking you knew what was best for them. In Humans, the actual humans fear the possibility of what this sort of technology means and so the conscious robots live in secret. Based on what I know of human nature, I think it’s very likely we would react in this way even if there was nothing to fear from conscious “synthetics”, because what if?

Where does it stop though? We’re constantly moving forward with all realms of technology; the fast advancement of the iPhone being the perfect example. If anything close to this kind of speed occurred in the development of robotics, how long will it be before we have to answer the questions posed by these films and TV shows?

I, for one, think that a robot uprising is all too possible, maybe not in my lifetime because I don’t think the technology is moving quite that fast, but I still think it’s possible. And I think it could come down to a battle between wanting to see where the technology could go, and wanting to destroy what we’ve made out of pure fear. People laugh at me when I tell them about this, because whoever heard of a robot thinking for itself (ha ha Harriet you’re such a joker, they say, as a robot guns them down for insubordination) but I’m sticking to my beliefs; I want our robot leaders to like me.

Where do other people stand on the whole robots taking over the world idea?

(Did I mention I, Robot is one of my favourite films?)


Oh, Technology…

I think today’s Daily Prompt is really interesting. Most technologies that have become obsolete have been replaced with something that’s supposed to be better/smaller/faster/easier to use. Typewriters have become computers and laptops. Music cassettes have becomes CDs, and I don’t even think CDs are as big as they used to be now that music is so downloadable. Video tapes have become DVDs. Those are the ones that spring to mind for me, although I know there’s a lot more! I can’t say that any technology that’s gone extinct over the past 20 or so years has left a great hole in my life. But there are some I do miss, for nostalgic reasons more than anything else though.

I miss having a VHS player and watching videos because I had all my favourite childhood shows and films on video, to watch again and again (and again and again). Obviously, I could watch them online now or get them on DVD but it wouldn’t have the same feeling. I miss the earlier computer games and game consoles because it reminds me of when I’d spend hours watching my older brother play them, and those are some of my favourite memories from when I was younger. Although I still watch him play video games if we’re both at home, reverting back to childhood at its finest!

I think technology is incredible, and I love how it’s always moving forward and coming up with new things. Some of the technology we have now is unbelievable. Smartphones, of course. I love having everything I need on one device, and such a small one at that. Also, something I’ve recently heard about are 3D printers. I don’t know much about them but the idea of them just amazes me! I think overall, I enjoy hearing about – and sometimes using – all these new technologies too much to greatly miss any of the obsolete ones.