When I Grow Up

“What do I want to do when I grow up?” is something I asked myself quite a lot at the moment. When I was a kid I went through quite a lot of different phases of what I wanted to be, but there were a few I kept coming back to. I never really had any crazy job dreams, the list is fairly standard of what a lot of little kids want to do I think, as I was a pretty vanilla child.

Ballerina. Yeah, I think a lot of little girls have dreamed of that. I took dance lessons for years but in the end it wasn’t meant to be because a) I could never quite get it like some of the other girls (i.e. I used to copy more than I care to admit) and b) I’m far too lazy for that kind of commitment.

Vet. I wanted to be a vet for years and years, on and off. I love animals so much but now the thought of having to save their lives and (sob) not always succeed makes my insides shrivel up a little bit.

Doctor. Specifically, a paediatrician, most of the time. I think I mainly wanted to be a doctor because my dad is one and I guess I idolised him and the job. When I think about being a doctor now I have a similar response to when I think about being a vet.

Teacher. Oh how I loved the thought of being a teacher. But then I realised I’d have to literally stand up in front of ~30 people every day and talk to them oh holy shit no not public speaking. So I rapidly went off that idea. Interestingly for the last couple of months I’ve been considering being a teacher for real so I guess my life has come full circle.

At one point I did want to be a dog and spent a day or so “being a dog”; I crawled around the house, curled up on the furniture and barked at my mum. And tried to eat off the floor, with no hands. Somehow that one didn’t work out in the long run, although sometimes I look at my actual dog and think maybe it wouldn’t be a totally crazy idea to join her. But that’s just my laziness talking!

It’s funny thinking of myself as a little kid, dreaming of what real adult life would be like. Young me probably thought I’d have it all figured out by this age. I wonder if I’ll check back here in a few years and will still be asking myself what I want to do when I grow up, or if I’ll actually be grown up?



Oh, Technology…

I think today’s Daily Prompt is really interesting. Most technologies that have become obsolete have been replaced with something that’s supposed to be better/smaller/faster/easier to use. Typewriters have become computers and laptops. Music cassettes have becomes CDs, and I don’t even think CDs are as big as they used to be now that music is so downloadable. Video tapes have become DVDs. Those are the ones that spring to mind for me, although I know there’s a lot more! I can’t say that any technology that’s gone extinct over the past 20 or so years has left a great hole in my life. But there are some I do miss, for nostalgic reasons more than anything else though.

I miss having a VHS player and watching videos because I had all my favourite childhood shows and films on video, to watch again and again (and again and again). Obviously, I could watch them online now or get them on DVD but it wouldn’t have the same feeling. I miss the earlier computer games and game consoles because it reminds me of when I’d spend hours watching my older brother play them, and those are some of my favourite memories from when I was younger. Although I still watch him play video games if we’re both at home, reverting back to childhood at its finest!

I think technology is incredible, and I love how it’s always moving forward and coming up with new things. Some of the technology we have now is unbelievable. Smartphones, of course. I love having everything I need on one device, and such a small one at that. Also, something I’ve recently heard about are 3D printers. I don’t know much about them but the idea of them just amazes me! I think overall, I enjoy hearing about – and sometimes using – all these new technologies too much to greatly miss any of the obsolete ones.