What Are Humans All About?

When I thought about what I’d use if asked to explain what humans are all about, using a book, film or song, one immediately came to mind. Love, Actually.

Now I know that it isn’t a particular deep or profound film, and it doesn’t delve into the complex actions and reasoning of human beings. But, to me anyway, the moral of this film is what humans are all about. All over the world and in so many different ways, people can be brought together by love. Whether it’s a childhood crush, falling in love at work, falling in love despite a barrier (language or otherwise), the love between friends, you can find love anywhere you look. It’s what keeps people going, it’s what makes us human. This film warms my heart and makes me believe in love, of any kind.

At the end of the day, as horrible and awful as humans are capable of being, (and in the least cheesiest way possible because this is one of my favourite scenes/quotes ever) I do believe that love actually is all around. I have to believe that the good will always continue to outweigh the bad.


Mum, I Love You

I just got off the phone to my mum and it made me realise how excited I am to go back home for the summer. I really enjoy uni but to me there really is no place like home. There’s only one month of uni to go now before the holidays!

The person I miss the most while I’m down here is definitely my mum. Even if I’m not in a bad mood, speaking to her just always makes me feel better. I feel so calm and relaxed after talking to her. It’s cheesy but she is like a mum and best friend rolled into one. She gives me the best advice, she laughs at all my stupid jokes and she listens to all my boring stories – the ones I wouldn’t even bother telling my friends.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of my mum is her singing loudly in the kitchen; usually not in tune and usually not the right words. Or her grabbing my hands and making me dance round the kitchen with her. Her friend gave her a picture a few years ago that says “Dance as if no one is watching. Sing as if no one is listening. Live every day as if it’s your last.” and my mum is the epitome of that picture.

She’s absolutely the most important person in my life, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. She is an amazing person; I could write about the reasons why til the cows come home. Plus she’s been with my dad for nearly 30 years now and their relationship gives me hope for my future!

I think it’s important to talk about the good people in your life, people spend so much time being or feeling negative it’s nice to remember the positive too.