Would You Take Orders From A Robot?

I recently finished watching a TV series called Humans, which intrigued me, and has stayed in my mind. I found it so interesting! I mean, for starters, anything to do with robots, especially them becoming aware and thinking for themselves, fascinates me (I, Robot anyone?). I think it’s definitely something to think about, the idea that our technology could one day evolve so much that something we’ve created (to make our lives easier, no less) might surpass us in such a way that we become inferior to it.

I’m a big believer in it. I do think that one day humans will be outsmarted by their own creations. Purely because we think we’re smarter than we are. I am in no way an expert on the subject, but I’ve read a few articles about the development of robotics which say we’re not lightyears away from the type of synthetic person such as those seen in Humans. I’m sure I’ve even seen an article recently about a robot that passed a basic consciousness test, so it is coming! Although currently there is a large market for these being used as “sex robots”, so maybe we aren’t as evolved as we like to believe after all.

It’s hard to say whether the robots will go for world domination or not. Isn’t that a slight exaggeration, you say? Imagine if you woke up one day and realised you were smarter and stronger than the people that currently ruled the earth. You can’t say your mind wouldn’t slide a little bit towards taking over the world. Thinking you knew what was best for them. In Humans, the actual humans fear the possibility of what this sort of technology means and so the conscious robots live in secret. Based on what I know of human nature, I think it’s very likely we would react in this way even if there was nothing to fear from conscious “synthetics”, because what if?

Where does it stop though? We’re constantly moving forward with all realms of technology; the fast advancement of the iPhone being the perfect example. If anything close to this kind of speed occurred in the development of robotics, how long will it be before we have to answer the questions posed by these films and TV shows?

I, for one, think that a robot uprising is all too possible, maybe not in my lifetime because I don’t think the technology is moving quite that fast, but I still think it’s possible. And I think it could come down to a battle between wanting to see where the technology could go, and wanting to destroy what we’ve made out of pure fear. People laugh at me when I tell them about this, because whoever heard of a robot thinking for itself (ha ha Harriet you’re such a joker, they say, as a robot guns them down for insubordination) but I’m sticking to my beliefs; I want our robot leaders to like me.

Where do other people stand on the whole robots taking over the world idea?

(Did I mention I, Robot is one of my favourite films?)


What Are Humans All About?

When I thought about what I’d use if asked to explain what humans are all about, using a book, film or song, one immediately came to mind. Love, Actually.

Now I know that it isn’t a particular deep or profound film, and it doesn’t delve into the complex actions and reasoning of human beings. But, to me anyway, the moral of this film is what humans are all about. All over the world and in so many different ways, people can be brought together by love. Whether it’s a childhood crush, falling in love at work, falling in love despite a barrier (language or otherwise), the love between friends, you can find love anywhere you look. It’s what keeps people going, it’s what makes us human. This film warms my heart and makes me believe in love, of any kind.

At the end of the day, as horrible and awful as humans are capable of being, (and in the least cheesiest way possible because this is one of my favourite scenes/quotes ever) I do believe that love actually is all around. I have to believe that the good will always continue to outweigh the bad.