Oh, Modern Families

From what I’ve been told about my late relatives, I think if someone in our family was to come back from the dead, my grandad (on my mum’s side) would have the most to say.

Most importantly, why my mum has married “a foreigner”, or some far more colourful words to that effect. Now, my dad was born in Britain and has lived here for his entire life, so he’s not foreign – like it’d matter – but his parents moved over from Iran after they got married, and my dad and his siblings all have Arabic names as well as the Arabic family name. And the impression I get from my mum is that her dad would not have approved. But I like to think he would’ve come around once he got used to the idea. Also not sure how he’d feel about his grandchildren being born “out of wedlock”.

I have a pretty large family but our branch of the family isn’t hugely popular with my dad’s side of it for a variety of reasons, and outside of the four of us we’re not a massively close family. My mum’s family are mostly dead, and the few who are still alive are scattered across England and America, which makes it hard to keep up with them. I always imagine what it would’ve been like to meet my maternal grandparents and the rest of my uncles though; I reckon we’d be a lot tighter with them than we are with my grandma and co.

So I dream of a relationship with a family that I’ll never meet, and of what they might think of us even though I’ll never know, but you can’t let these kind of thoughts consume you. After all, I adore my mum, my dad and my brother. Plus there’s several other family members that I love to pieces, even if I rarely see them, including some super cute baby cousins!

I suggest to myself, and anyone else in the same situation, to not think too deeply of what might have been because as a great man once said, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”.


Signs That I’m Becoming An Adult

I had a surprise visit from my parents yesterday, which was amazing. My mum rang me on Sunday evening to say they’d be in London on Monday and could we meet up for dinner? Uhh well like I would say no to seeing two of my favourite people and a free meal!

I met them in Leicester Square and I didn’t realise that it was the same day as the premiere for the new X-Men film, so me and my mum  got to gawk at Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender on the big screen for as long as possible before my dad dragged us away. Sadly we couldn’t get close enough to see them in the flesh but this was good enough for me! Everyone looked fanatastic, and I saw Jennifer Lawrence as well who I love. I was unbelievably jealous of all the people I saw going in to watch it, all the time thinking why can’t this be me?? (answer: probably because you didn’t even know it was on, duhhh)

So, during the meal my parents told me that they’re putting our house up for sale. This isn’t huge news t, my mum has wanted to move basically since we moved into our house about 10 years ago and it’s been up for sale a few times in the last couple of years but with no luck. I don’t know much about real estate and house prices and “the market”. My brother has been moved out for good for two years now, much to my parents’ joy, and now I’m at uni I guess it makes sense to try and sell the house again.

I have mixed feelings about us moving house. The first time we moved I was 9 or 10 years old and I was DEVASTATED. “How can you tear me away from my childhood home, mother? Father?” *cue tears* What an over dramatic child I was. We’ve now lived in our house longer than we had lived in our old house which is very strange to me. Anyway, I love the house we live in at the moment but the area we live in is not so great in that it’s slightly out the way and full of people who, according to my mum, “get in everybody else’s business”.

While I was still at school I hated our house because all my friends could walk to each other’s houses or even the ones a bit further away could get a quick bus, once we were old enough to be allowed to get the bus alone of course. But I had to be driven by my parents, planning was always needed. It’s not that I live miles away but that I live somewhere that doesn’t have a bus route to…well, where I needed it to. I’m still friends with some of my school friends now but I also have other friends and it’s all more spread out which makes me feel better. Plus I can drive now so I can do what I want, when I want, wherever I want. 13 year old me is seething with rage and jealously at how cool this is while her two best friends hang out without her, obviously intentionally leaving her out. (Sorry girl, but what would you do if you lived 2 minutes away from your friend’s house? Perspective. Came a bit late for me)

The last time our house was for sale I was quite upset. First of all, I’m not a huge fan of change. And I’m so settled here now and I actually love the house; even the annoying parts. Super loud, creaky floors anyone? This is the house where we got our dog, and I sat with her on the first night we brought her home, when she was just a tiny puppy, until she fell asleep. It’s the house where my brother has come home drunk so many times and woken me up for a drunken heart to heart or just because he can. It’s the house where I dyed my hair behind my mum’s back. Only a darker shade of brown, nothing too rebellious but my mum was still pissed – although maybe that’s because I got dye on her towels. Probably a bit of both. This is the house where I got my first period. I mean come on, that’s some serious attachment right there, isn’t it?

This time when they told me though, I was fine with it. I’d love it if it could happen this summer while I was at home so I could go with them to see houses and get used to the new one. But I don’t know if this kind of thing ever happens that fast and when we moved 10 years ago it took us so long to sell our house, so I won’t get my hopes up. I’m at peace with it happening though. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to our house but I know it’s what my mum wants more than anything right now, and I want my mum to be happy more than anything. I’m happy for us to move, and even, weirdly, a little excited about it. I think this is what they call growing up.