Running is hard, who knew?

I completed my first week of Couch to 5k! I am so proud of myself for achieving this much that it’s a little embarrassing. I can only imagine how I’ll feel if (or should I say, when) I complete all of the weeks.

It was a struggle, and honestly I did have to force myself to do it on all three of the days. There’s a little voice inside my head that pipes up whenever I think about running, constantly telling me that I’m not a runner and that I’ll never be able to complete this entire thing. It is difficult to squash that voice out long enough to do a run, and it is difficult not to believe what the voice says but I do also believe that the first step – in any situation – is most often the hardest, and is very often the most important in completing your goal, so I am determined to keep squashing the voice, and to keep running.

My main takeaway from this first week is that running is hard. Very hard. Am I stating the obvious here? Of course, but I still think it needs to be said. I am in total awe of people who run for any decent amount of time without stopping. I can only hope to come close to what they do at some point in the, not-so-near, future. But I’ve also realised that I want to be able to run without stopping for a semi-decent amount of time so I am going into week two of my Couch to 5k even more determined than I was a week ago!


Run, Harriet, Run

So I completed my first run in my Couch to 5k yesterday and have only just recovered enough to work up the energy to use my laptop. Just kidding (kind of…), I didn’t get chance to write about it yesterday.

Well as predicted the run was e x t r e m e l y difficult, even though half of it was walking (yep, embarrassing!), but I’m very proud of myself for completing the first day and will be going onto day two any day now. The good thing about it is you only have to do three runs a week so it makes it seem more manageable; bite size chunks of running.

And even though I was a hot, sweaty, panting mess by the end, within an hour or so I was feeling fine so hopefully it’s a little bit like childbirth in that you forget the pain long enough to go through it again.

Here’s to day two…

Day one of Couch to 5k

Day one of Couch to 5k. via

Getting Off The Couch

Something big is happening in my life. Seriously. Tomorrow I’m starting a 9 week programme called “Couch to 5k”. As may be obvious, the aim is to get you off the couch and running 5k by the end of the programme. My friend told me about it a few days ago, and as running is something I’ve always found difficult, but at the same time wanted to be able to do, I thought why not give it a go. And then I thought, why not discuss my progress on here. It’s a perfect idea! It gives me written evidence that I’ve done something, and it gives me a reason to write again. Two birds and all that. So I downloaded the app this evening and now there’s no going back.

Although I don’t spend all my time on the couch I could do with being more active than I already am so I’m really hoping to persevere with this thing. I have images of myself collapsing into a sweaty heap at various times during the 9 weeks (basically every time I run…) but I’m trying not to focus on how much sweat is going to be pouring out of me and instead concentrate on how good it’ll make me feel at the end.

I’ve got nothing to lose, so here goes nothing!