Run, Harriet, Run

So I completed my first run in my Couch to 5k yesterday and have only just recovered enough to work up the energy to use my laptop. Just kidding (kind of…), I didn’t get chance to write about it yesterday.

Well as predicted the run was e x t r e m e l y difficult, even though half of it was walking (yep, embarrassing!), but I’m very proud of myself for completing the first day and will be going onto day two any day now. The good thing about it is you only have to do three runs a week so it makes it seem more manageable; bite size chunks of running.

And even though I was a hot, sweaty, panting mess by the end, within an hour or so I was feeling fine so hopefully it’s a little bit like childbirth in that you forget the pain long enough to go through it again.

Here’s to day two…

Day one of Couch to 5k

Day one of Couch to 5k. via


2 thoughts on “Run, Harriet, Run

  1. I am on week 6…and it definitely is tough for me, but the app works! I am NOT a runner…well I suppose I am now, but I’ve never realllly enjoyed running. I signed myself up for a 5k in September to motivate myself to do this…I am always envious of runners…the people that look like runners, run for fun, and can run for a good hour to get some exercise and clear their minds.

    • Ha, I feel the same, I’m always so jealous of people who are proper runners! I’m glad to hear you say the app works, I’ve just finished the first week so I’ve got a while to go but feeling quite good about it 🙂

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