Oh, Modern Families

From what I’ve been told about my late relatives, I think if someone in our family was to come back from the dead, my grandad (on my mum’s side) would have the most to say.

Most importantly, why my mum has married “a foreigner”, or some far more colourful words to that effect. Now, my dad was born in Britain and has lived here for his entire life, so he’s not foreign – like it’d matter – but his parents moved over from Iran after they got married, and my dad and his siblings all have Arabic names as well as the Arabic family name. And the impression I get from my mum is that her dad would not have approved. But I like to think he would’ve come around once he got used to the idea. Also not sure how he’d feel about his grandchildren being born “out of wedlock”.

I have a pretty large family but our branch of the family isn’t hugely popular with my dad’s side of it for a variety of reasons, and outside of the four of us we’re not a massively close family. My mum’s family are mostly dead, and the few who are still alive are scattered across England and America, which makes it hard to keep up with them. I always imagine what it would’ve been like to meet my maternal grandparents and the rest of my uncles though; I reckon we’d be a lot tighter with them than we are with my grandma and co.

So I dream of a relationship with a family that I’ll never meet, and of what they might think of us even though I’ll never know, but you can’t let these kind of thoughts consume you. After all, I adore my mum, my dad and my brother. Plus there’s several other family members that I love to pieces, even if I rarely see them, including some super cute baby cousins!

I suggest to myself, and anyone else in the same situation, to not think too deeply of what might have been because as a great man once said, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”.


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