Shout It Out

I’m a pretty quiet person, definitely more introverted than extroverted although I do have my moments. Lately I’ve been discovering more and more how my chronic quietness, sometimes shyness, can be both a blessing and a curse.

The Pros

  • People think I’m a good listener (I am).
  • I actually do enjoy listening. Listen Lady, anyone?
  • I pick up a lot of information listening to everyone around me while others are “chat chat chat”. Seriously, I could be your friend I know that much about you (be my friend please)

The cons

  • I’m fairly certain I come across as a super bitch sometimes because I’m not “getting involved”. Hey, it’s harder than it looks! And I’m not a super bitch, all the time.
  • I come across as awkward (I am awkward) when I’d love to come across as cool/chill/awesome/neat
  • I usually have something I’d love to say about what we’re talking about but I have a fear of people thinking what I have to say is silly/I don’t have the balls to get involved if I don’t know you that well.
  • People might think I don’t like them when in reality I really do like them.

So there we go. Conclusions? Speak up a bit more – but tell me something I don’t know. Meanwhile just remember, I’m always listening…



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