It’s A Great Big World

Travelling is something I have always wanted to do, it’s on my bucket list, and I have a long list of places I want to visit. I’m also a massive fan of Pinterest and could spend hours looking through all the travel pins. Here are the top five places I’d love to wander before I die:


1. Jamaica. I think Jamaica looks absolutely beautiful and ever since I was around 10 years old I’ve dreamed of getting to sit on one of those gorgeous beaches. Jamaica is definitely number one on any list of places I want to go; it’s the fantasy.

2. New York City. So many places I want to see in America, but New York is pretty high up on the list. I need to know if it lives up to the hype, if it’s everything I’ve heard it is. Is it really the city that never sleeps?

3. Mainland Spain. I love the language and I’ve been to several of the Spanish islands (Lanzarote, Menorca etc) but I’ve yet to actually set foot on the mainland.

4. Ireland. Of course for me, Ireland is just across the water so not particularly far away or difficult to visit. So perhaps it’ll be one of the first places on my list I get to cross off!

5. The world’s largest pool, in Chile.  I came across this article a few years ago and have had it bookmarked ever since. I can’t even begin to imagine swimming in a pool that large. I know the ocean is endless but this is a swimming pool! I would just love to be able to go one day “oh, the world’s largest pool? Yeah, I’ve swam in it”.


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